VR Application: Tablet Connection

Any carer using CareReality may want to keep an eye on their patient, and this is why a tablet connection has been added, modelled after SolisVR’s. It allows them to control the general aspects of what the patient sees, using a similar options menu to said patient.

 An example of what this might look like.

The connection settings for a care device need to be locked down, so the Carer panel on the Vive’s display will show this in its Connection Settings – a way to register users, specific devices that are allowed (using their MAC addresses), the device’s password (for accessing it over the internet and for accessing the carer menu) and of course, the Bluetooth and WiFi passwords.

The tablet itself will have a fairly simplistic display in a layout similar to above, except displaying what the user’s seeing, what music they have playing, et cetera. The tablet will also possess a way to upload onto the VR if on an internet connection (i.e. not Bluetooth).


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