VR Application – Helping Depression & Anxiety

One of the first forms of CBT involves letting the reader reflect. The application does this by giving the user a virtual diary: somewhere to put all of their thoughts down on paper and relax, depicted below.The diary can be written in using the pen as a normal pen, or the keyboard can be raised at the press of a button and the on-screen keyboard can be used, or, alternatively, the computer’s keyboard can be used. This is designed to be able to used with or without the headset on just in case the person is in a crisis and needs to vent to their diary, but doesn’t have access to their headset.

Another form of CBT is through meditation and reflection – here, this is represented by a space scene. The space will be able to play calming music through a playlist (the > arrow should be replaced with a playlist icon) that has been preuploaded, with some set calming tracks for different moods already uploaded. For example, some people may prefer piano, some may like violin, and some may just enjoy simple ambience of a forest, space or the beach. This allows some level of personalisation. There will also be an option to enable meditation guidance, to have text walk the user through the basic steps of meditation. An audio track featuring similar could also be included.Like the other VR spaces, the user will be able to see the handheld controllers in the Space scene. However, they will not be able to move around – just float in the space and relax to calming music and the stars around them. Providing a distraction is one of the best ways to calm down from a panic attack or anxiety attack, and the relaxing space should thus help anxiety significantly. As CBT and relaxation therapy also assist depression, it will also be of use there.

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