SEJ446 Nicholas Dula Week 9 Entry

Week 9
Date of entry: 14th September 2018
Time period covered: Mon 10th September – Fri 14th September
Work undertaken: LOS results, reading


This week I dedicated to the LOS section of my study, I was able to use framework from project A to calculate the adjust BRT model results and I didn’t run into too many issues. I spent a lot of time formatting my already completed works as this was the final section of the Results. I then completed a summary feasibility section as all Result have now been completed. (approx. 25 hours)



I am relieved to have all of my result and methodology sections completed, all that si remaining to do for my thesis now is written sections which shouldn’t take too long , as well as my report and presentation. I have begin some small works on the poster as well this includes the survey for requirements, I have selected only a small table as I may add more documents or a laptop.

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