3. Leader Member Exchange Theory (LMX)

(LMX Theory Cartoon 2017)

With both transformational and authentic leadership approaches identifying a lack of follower engagement as an area for improvement, by looking through the leadership lens of LMX and its focus on the dyadic relationships between leaders and followers (Northouse 2016, p.137) enables suggestions to be made to increasing leadership effectiveness.

The aim is for Al to engage followers and make them feel like they are part of the team (Northouse 2016, p. 142) by having high quality exchanges that build partnerships and trust. To do this, the suggestions are to: –

  • Respond to follower’s comments;
  • Offer followers opportunities to take on tasks;
  • Create different groups focusing on aspects of client change;
  • Encourage ongoing dialogue by sharing stories; and
  • Personalise the dialogue.
To understand more about LMX: master.m3u8