2. Authentic Leadership

As with the above transformational leadership discussion, from an overall perspective, Al is an authentic leader with strengths in all five characteristics of Bill George’s model (Northouse 2016, p.198).

Again, in looking at his use of social media through the leadership lens of Bill George’s model, the two characteristics of relationships and heart are weakened because of his lack of dialogue with followers and the non-sharing of personal stories to help strength the relationships and trust.

In aiming to strengthen relationships and heart the suggestions are to aim at again at establishing two-way high quality dialogue with his followers (or at least some of his followers), so the followers can share some of their stories with him and vice versa. As this is similar to transformational leadership, the following suggestions are made in addition to those outlined above:

  • Ensure that dialogue is positive and supportive; and
  • Share stories of difficulties being encountered and offer support and sensitivity.
To understand more about Authentic leadership: master.m3u8