The importance of the UN Sustainable Goals

The world has reached a period whereby the population growth and the ever-increasing consumption of resources is now in direct conflict with the ability of our planet to sustain it.

Additionally, the vast global economy has created a highly unequal distribution of wealth. This wealth divide between and within countries has created social issues such as extreme and unescapable poverty. Additionally, those with wealth tend not to want to share that wealth with people less fortunate (Sachs, 2014).

The ongoing destruction of our planet and the ever-increasing wealth gap is unsustainable, and if change doesn’t occur soon their impacts will be irreversible.

United Nations

This need for change has been coined the ‘Age of Sustainable Development’ (United Nations 2017), which aims to balance population growth, resource use and the distribution of wealth by focusing on socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth (Sachs, 2014).

This sustainability is the focus of the UN Sustainable Goals, as the United Nations is the peak global diplomatic organisation that is ideally positioned to lead the change process.